Meet the Omlid's

Todd and Megan proudly reside in Redmond, OR with their four children. They share a passion for construction and both strongly believe that there's no greater feeling than being of service to someone.

Service is something that comes naturally to Todd. He is a decorated veteran that spent twelve years leading other soldiers in combat infantry operations. Todd has completed four tours of duty overseas, and sought out and excelled at over forty specialty training schools. He's a man of honor and integrity, and this directly reflects in the company. By keeping client's needs foremost, and developing project teams that do the same, Omlid Construction ensures trusted partnerships and lasting relationships.

“Do a good job for someone and they will tell a few people. Do someone a poor job and they will tell many.” This motto is firmly grounded in the company. The Omlid's demonstrate consistent effort and refuse to compromise on quality or the honorable reputation that procedes both their company’s and their own last name.